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Spryka Desktop Budget

Desktop Budget lets you take control of your budget, and let's you manage all your finances
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10 May 2010

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Desktop Budget lets you take control of your budget, and let’s you manage all your finances including your checking, your credit cards, loans, savings accounts, and any debts you might have, all with easy to use, self explanatory windows.

Features: The Desktop budget program lets you manage your budget, expenses, debt, finances etc. so that come tax time, you have all the details ready for return filing. Now with easy to use Money Management software, like Desktop Budget we can manage financial work fairly easily and without spending much time on it. You are able to use multiple currencies, budget categories, banks, payees and payers. Organize the data in multiple databases such as personal finances and that of your business. Prepare and manage budgets with spending records and reports.

You can get the latest currency exchange rates from the net, generate reports as defined by you. Manage multiple accounts in different currencies within the same project definition. Get the bank accounts imported from/ to bank`s online format. For managing your investments, you can get immediate evaluations by getting latest quotes on your stocks, bonds etc. Calculate yields on these investments while mortgage and loan payments also can be done easily. It`ll alert you when a bill payment is due too. Several templates can be used to create invoices, transactions and other financial paper work. It has all the finance related information centrally on one repository so that analyzing, manipulating, summarizing or creating reports is easy.

Overall: The program has a nice set of features and is quite easy to use.

Publisher's description

Desktop Budget is a full featured personal finance manager that can define payers, payees, accounts, banks, and currencies for different accounts. The personal finance manager can maintain multiple databases for different purposes. Desktop Budget makes it easy to track financial investment portfolios. Customized Report generation is one of the most effective features offered by Desktop Budget as it gives a visual representation of all account statuses.
So start managing your finances with Desktop Budget and conquer your financial goals!
Spryka Desktop Budget
Spryka Desktop Budget
Version 2.3
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